Before The League

The story of the people and towns that made pro football America's biggest sport.

The 6-part documentary story of the people and towns that made pro football America's biggest sport.

“Before the League” examines how small towns like Canton and Massillon, Ohio were the blueprint for fielding early pro teams as well as fostering healthy rivalries. As precursors to the NFL, teams like the Akron Pros, Dayton Triangles, Portsmouth Spartans, Ironton Tanks, Shelby Blues, Oorang Indians, Rochester Jeffersons, Buffalo All-Americans, Milwaukee Badgers and Columbus Panhandles laid the groundwork for the successes of today’s big city teams.


Alison Momeyer

Alison Momeyer

Alison Momeyer has had great success and a diverse career of dynamic storytelling and production management. While she is an accomplished producer, she is, more than anything, an exceptionally talented writer who brings stories to life. Her work spans many media—from television to commercial advertising to strategic communications. Since 2005, Alison has combined high-calibre writing with creative production leadership for some of the top companies in Ohio and across the United States. She has been awarded several Emmy,® Telly, and AVA awards for productions which have been showcased regionally and nationally. Her breadth of experience with culture, people and places shapes and informs her work. Alison is driven by curiosity and a unique ability to connect with people that gets at the heart of stories - from the smallest obscure detail, to the big questions that reveal, embolden, and enlighten.


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