Before The League

The story of the people and towns that made pro football America's biggest sport.

The 6-part documentary story of the people and towns that made pro football America's biggest sport.

“Before the League” examines how small towns like Canton and Massillon, Ohio were the blueprint for fielding early pro teams as well as fostering healthy rivalries. As precursors to the NFL, teams like the Akron Pros, Dayton Triangles, Portsmouth Spartans, Ironton Tanks, Shelby Blues, Oorang Indians, Rochester Jeffersons, Buffalo All-Americans, Milwaukee Badgers and Columbus Panhandles laid the groundwork for the successes of today’s big city teams.

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“Before The League” Premieres at Pro Football Hall of Fame, debuts across the country on November 17-18

CANTON, OH (October 27, 2015) – As football celebrates the NFL’s 95th season, a historic sports documentary titled “Before The League” was introduced at a luncheon at the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Tuesday, October 27 and will air across the country on two consecutive nights on Time Warner Cable SportsChannel.

“Before the League” is a six-part groundbreaking series chronicling the history of professional football. A preview was presented at the luncheon event, including a roundtable discussion moderated by Hall of Fame Running Back Floyd Little and contributors Chris Willis of NFL Films, Jim Thorpe biographer Kate Buford and Joe Horrigan of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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